Wireless Headphones

$25.99 ON SALE!

SoundPeats currently wins my recommendation in this product category due to the following:

  • The design keeps the earbud comfortably secured in your ear, even through significant motion.
  • Its long-lasting battery (8 hours of active usage on a single charge) is more than sufficient for daily use, in most cases, and this headset has plenty of built-in features to help you extend that life:. when you're not actively using it, the device goes into a Standby mode to save power, where it'll be ready to re-activate as soon as you press "Play," before ultimately shutting off completely on its own.
  • Its widely-compatible charging device interface (Micro USB) means replacements are cheap and plentiful, and you may even use a compatible one with your phone already (if you have an Android).
  • Durability. I haven't babied mine whatsoever. My first pair has been smashed in the bottom of my backpack, worn in the rain, left in the carport overnight, and it still works fine (though battery capacity has, of course, decreased over the past year). The only reason I had to buy a second pair is because I passed the first on to my significant other.
  • Price point. I originally paid $30 for mine last year, and even after evaluating the competition a year later, would pay the same price again, without a second thought. The current sale price of $20.79 has, as of yet, left these headphones unmatched by the competition in the $20-$50 price range.
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